Veggie Vendor for Busy City Slickers

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Sven shot these photos and sent them to me, and I assumed immediately that they were from his recent trip out into the countryside. I was wrong.

vegetable vending machine in tokyo 2

After all the fuss we’ve made lately about vending machines dispensing Smart Cars, to our PingMag Vending Machine Extravaganza, it’s actually a bit shocking to see something so basic made available in this way.

Yes, this is a vending machine in Tokyo that dispenses fresh vegetables. Not sure on whether it’s refrigerated or not, but when it’s 3 a.m. and you’re fiending for some broccoli, I doubt you’ll care too much.

vegetable vending machine in tokyo

Of course, in the end this is all about convenience. Commuters on their way home can grab some fresh goods without stopping by the market, and the prices seem reasonable enough. Once someone figures out how to grow the produce inside from the beginning we’ll be well on our way to vending machine farms dotting the roadways. Perhaps live chickens selling eggs?

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