Tokyo Art Week Gets Green & Comical

Much is happening recently with vertical gardens and other urban architecture, including some high-end, self-contained models we’ve seen recently.

Hokkaido Sanyu Corp. has developed a system for green walls called River Re Wall that looks like a miniaturized riverbed or garden turned on its side. Behind the moss-covered wall panel is an irrigation system that ensures all-around healthy greenery and generates a faint, trickling sound of water. The sound is designed to create a sense of real, living nature, as well as encourage relaxation.

sanyu river wall 1

As part of their campaign to demonstrate the applications of such a system, Hokkaido Sanyu has established the Miino Brand of indoor fine art green walls. A number of these were on display at the recent Art Fair Tokyo. Priced at ¥700,000 to ¥2,600,000 ($7,000 to $26,000) these painting-sized “living” wall panels draw inspiration from traditional temple-style meditation gardens.

sanyu river wall 2

Meanwhile up the road at Tokyo 101, another art fair part of the loosely organized Tokyo Art Week, Sony Digital Entertainment had a booth to display the Charart project. Under the slogan “digital comic to real art” Charart takes popular characters from Sony Digital Entertainment comic series and turns them into the subject of fine art collectibles by the original artists. Sony Digital Entertainment was a main sponsor of Tokyo Art 101.

charart sony


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