Slimed again, from Mega House

In a follow up to the Adult Slime series launched in honor of the 30th anniversary of slime, Bandai subsidiary Mega House has announced the August arrival of the “Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko,” which roughly translates to “shocking sick puppy.”


This children’s game functions somewhat like Milton Bradley’s Operation, though with a much higher ick factor: the toy puppy, who has caught a cold, drools a concoction of slime and plastic germs. Players must extract these germs using the tweezers without letting the metal part touch the slime, an act which produces a buzzing shock. The player who collects the most germs wins. Play continues by loading the mess into a compartment in the dog’s head.

Targeted at children aged 5-7, Mega House hopes to introduce slime to the next generation at a projected sales rate of 100,000 articles by the end of the year. Meanwhile, market watchers bet on where slime will show up next.

UPDATE: Buy Shocking Sick Puppy online.


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Rebecca Milner was a contributor at, and is currently a Japan correspondent for Lonely Planet.