Osaifu Saver personal finance RPG game from Takara Tomy

So, unless you’re as smart as Peter Schiff, the world economy is in shambles and you’re thinking about every penny you spend. On the other hand, if you ARE as smart as Peter you get a lot of enjoyment out of maximizing your finances while the suckers are spending like crazy.

Enter Osaifu Saver (wallet saver) from Takara tomy, the personal finance RPG that makes every withdrawal, deposit, and expense a notable event.

osaifu rpg takara tomy 1

Osaifu Saver uses a stylus for inputting every financial transaction you make, and assigns it to categories (utilities, food, love life, etc) to fit within a budget that you sent at the beginning. The action moves according to your own preferences: Stay within your budget and good things happen, but go over and be prepared for the worse!

osaifu rpg takara tomy 2

With a range of characters and storylines, the aim of the device is to keep you entertained while encouraging you to save money, a trend not lost on the penny pinchers around here. it also opens up with a compartment that saves your receipts.

Of course, it’s necessary to budget the $45 for the device first, but it takes money to save money, right?


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