NFC Comes to Tokyo Trains with Strappy

Japanese printing company Shunkosha has recently released a new product called Strappy, a subway strap cover that contains a FeliCa reader, an NFC reader that allows passengers with compatible phones (over 70 million in Japan) to interact through touch.


Strappy functions as a platform for marketing communications, meaning that by touching your phone to the cover, train passengers have their phones directed to a URL to receive information, coupons, videos, or whatever else you decide to put on there.


Much like the recent GAP High Touch NFC campaign that we just covered, Strappy’s technology is simple, but is a taste of what’s coming down the road. Until recently, there was not consistent mobile data available in the subways in-between stations, but now that it’s more prevalent it’s possible to take advantage of NFC and provide interesting touchpoints for a captive audience. In this case, the first test fun of 15 days is featuring travel company H.I.S. and is being executed on the Ginza and Marunouchi lines.

Thanks to Keitai Watch for the tip

About the Author

Michael is founder and director of the Mandalah Tokyo trends and innovation consultancy.