GAP High-Fives Facebook with NFC

There’s a lot going on with NFC technology in Japan these days, going beyond electronic money cards and becoming more and more useful to retailers and marketers. We have our own project being developed as well, but in the meantime there are some interesting examples out there that show what can be done.


Starting today, the two GAP flagship stores in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Ginza districts started a weeklong High Touch campaign pitting each store’s fashion sense against the other. The judges in this case are the customers, but voting is done using near-field communication bracelets connected to each person’s Facebook account through a Facebook app.


After you receive your connected bracelet in-store, you’re invited to browse around and see what the staff are wearing. When you find an outfit coordination that you like, give the well-dressed person a “high-five” touching the bracelet to the smartphone that they’re holding. As soon as you touch, a cheer erupts from the phone, your vote is counted, and their image is sent straight to your Facebook timeline.


Below are some photos comparing the staff I high-fived, and a screenshot from my FB profile.



The campaign only goes for the next week or so, but the rankings are being aggregated on their page so you can see. By participating in the program you get a denim bracelet (meh) and are directed to a place online where you can get a 20% off coupon (better!).

Again, this is a pretty basic use of NFC, but there’s a lot more going on that we’re also tracking in the market. Stay tuned for more!

About the Author

Michael is founder and director of the Mandalah Tokyo trends and innovation consultancy.