As if beer wasn’t already a great dessert…

We’ve all been in this situation: You’ve just finished dinner, and dessert is coming up, but your beer just won’t taste right chasing down something sweet. “What do I do?” You ask yourself, but your desire for dessert AND beer tears you apart. Naturally, you decline the sweets and opt for something salty to go with your frosty beverage.

That’s all in the past, because now you can have your beer and eat it too with the Yebisu beer jelly, a gelatin desert that is based on, smells like, and tastes like (you guessed it) Yebisu Premium Beer.


We tested out the beer jelly today and it lives up to its name. It’s jelly that tastes like beer. Perhaps the beer industry felt left out when all of the normal beverages like Calpis, Pocari Sweat, CC Lemon, and the rest all got their own popular lines of candy and desserts?

The positive marketing point is that beverages of all kinds in Japan don’t just stay beverages for long. They are incorporated into lots of other products that come to bear their name. Think A&W Root Beer candy times a million.

However, we just can’t shake the memory of another product we saw long, long ago…


Update: I was reminded by a reader of the more appropriate (and legendary) Skittlebrau.

(a white male, aged 18-49, to whom everyone listens to, no matter how stupid his ideas are.)


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