Digital Living Gallery digitizes art for us all

Bandai, typically a toy and game company, is using technology to appeal to the adult market’s more sophisticated senses. The new Digital Living Gallery (shop link) forgoes the standard sleek and shiny for a traditional wood frame appropriate for paintings. What’s interesting is that Bandai is also selling content for the frame.

digital living gallery bandai

Starting with two artists, Renoir and van Gogh, each SD-card loaded collection comes with high quality digital renderings that can look permanent on the wall despite being easily changeable. Plus, the features go well beyond that of the originals.

Digital content is manifesting itself in ways beyond audio and video. We cover this example, plus scores of related trends, in our Trendpool database designed to help businesses innovate in new ways. Get the rest of the story HERE.

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Michael is founder and director of the Mandalah Tokyo trends and innovation consultancy.