Cup Noodle – My Vending Machine campaign

It looks like Nissin, founder of the Cup Noodle and hero to geeks everywhere, is taking a cue from Asahi and their famed Robocco beer-pouring robot promotion in 2006.

Until the end of March, Cup Noodle fanatics will be able to place entries to win one of 3000 limited edition My Vending Machine Cup Noodle dispenser/water heaters. Watch the video below to see more:


There are already cool options available for Cup Noodle vending, especially in Akihabara, but this promotion takes the concept to heart. Like the Robocco robot promotion that took three minutes to open and pour a beer, My Vending Machine clearly complicates what is already a painfully simple task: Open lid. Add water. Eat.

cup noodle vending machine 1

However, also like the Robocco promotion, this is a giveaway that tunes in perfectly to its demographic. So what if it’s unnecessary in a practical sense?! Robots and vending machines are pretty much equally adored in this land of automation, and they make for brilliant promotions.

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