Blue Man Tokyo Bids Goodbye

The Blue Man Group of Tokyo recently finished their run after four years and nearly 1,400 shows, after what was originally supposed to be a single year in town. An impressive run, especially through some trying times.


To send the crew back to…wherever they came from, I guess…they did one of my favorite things for recognizable characters to do in Tokyo: Run around freaking people out.

Not in a bad way of course. There’s something about the blank-slate, infinitely curious Blue Men that isn’t intimidating, even when they basically sneak up on you on the street.


Anyway, I just like watching videos where crazy people run around in Tokyo being weird. Enjoy!

It’s a testament to the seen-it-all openness of Tokyo that, at the beginning of the video, the guy at the vending machine sees them behind him and is like “Oh, hey.” and walks off. They could be wearing pink tutus and miming and they’d get the same reaction.

About the Author

Michael is founder and director of the Mandalah Tokyo trends and innovation consultancy.