Banana Vending Machine feeds hungry subway passengers

Japan — world-famous for its vending machines — has now got its first banana vending machine courtesy of Dole.

It’s already proved a hit, selling all its stock on the first and subsequent days. Installed in Shibuya station in an underground connection between the Tokyu Denentoshi Line and the Hanzomon Line, the makers later hope to start selling other fruit in vending machines directly inside offices and universities.

banana-vending-machine-shibuya-tokyo-japan[Pics via Shibuya Keisai]

Of course, the big question is: How much does a banana cost? A single one is priced at 130 yen ($1.5) and a bunch of five or six is 390 yen (over $4).

Dole is apparently targeting younger people who live by themselves and don’t eat breakfast properly. However, Japanese etiquette traditionally considers it taboo to eat in public, so likely hungry people will purchase their banana and have to take it to their office or school for actual consumption.

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