Air Conditioned Shoes Keep Japanese Salarymen Cool

We’re no stranger to discovering some of the best cooling products out of Japan aimed at beating the summer heat and humidity. In a bid to help show how you can keep every part of your body comfortable, from head to foot, we were delighted to come across these in a Tokyo show store. Air conditioned shoes are the latest offering that any self respecting Japanese salaryman will want in his Super Cool Biz wardrobe.


We came across the Hydro-Tech men’s shoes in the “best seller” section of a prominent Tokyo shoe shop advertised with the slogan, “My energy saving starts from my feet”! The Cool Breeze shoes will apparently keep your feet dry and aired in the 120% humidity that are the Tokyo summers. The shoes work through their new filter technology that releases the heat and humidity and allows air to flow in keeping feet “refreshed and clean”.


“Super Cool Biz” campaign that was launched by the Ministry of Environment at the beginning of June and turned out as a big marketing opportunity for many existing and new products, trying to find any way possible to reduce power consumption in a natural way.


Although we still think a pair of beach sandals go better with the Super Cool Biz Hawaiian shirts that the government were promoting, getting the “Japanese Salaryman” to ditch his classic white shirt and black suit look is easier said than done. So days where beach wear just won’t cut it but you still want that bit of extra breeze on your freshly pedicured feet, Hydro Tech shoes seem to be the next best answer!


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